call for contributions: A SUPERFICIAL ISSUE


The first edition of a … issue zine – starting at the surface, we’re calling for contributions being; at, on, near – or at least pertain something.

I mean things that externally concern or maybe comprehend stuff that’s obvious or like not profound, cool, or maybe thorough you know – plain Superficial. No deep shit.

This surface has no boundary anyway, there’s no ledge to cling on to.

We’re calling for the trees in front of the forest, evident incognitas, academic antipodes, hedonist hang-ups, copies of copies, forged facelifts, fake id’s, sloppy seconds and shallow waters to wade.

No investigating journalists.

a … issue is calling for international contributions from thinkers, tinkers, teams, thermites, philosophers, sorcerers, sauruses, artists, activists, writers, narcissists, erotics, poets, poes and posers.


Andréas Baader is editor-in-chief of A SUPERFICIAL ISSUE. Contributions can be sent to DEADLINE: JULY 28TH 00:00