A SUPERFICIAL ISSUE – first edition of a … issue zine
Edited in Gl. Rye, Denmark, Aug. 1-8 2014
By Andréas Baader, Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katharina Stadler
Printed at A.R.T, Skanderborg.

superficial matter

Contributions by:
Andréas Baader, Bitch Ink, Tanya Busse, Donika Çina, Anne Line Dalsgaard, Kirsten Heuschen, Mariam Natroshvili/Detu Jintcharadze, Psychic Warfare, Maja Renn, Emilija Skarnulyte, Tim Flohr Sørensen, Katharina Stadler, Michael Alexander Ulfstjerne

We would like to thank all contributors for their time and efforts before and after the editing process; Katrine Gotfredsen, Ann Louise Slot and Rikke Elisabeth Frederiksen for commenting on contents and setup; and Anders Rehhoff for his assistance in printing.

200 numbered copies of A SUPERFICIAL ISSUE can be purchased online (a_issue@yahoo.com) and in selected bookstores for 4 €.
a … issue is a non profit zine. All income enables the production of the next issue.