call for contributions: A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE


The second edition of ”a … issue” zine is prettying up.

We seek contributions that in text, photo, image or drawing convey:

♥ successful or failed attempts at creating traditionally accepted elements of beauty, or deliberate attempts to alter conventional codes of the cute and comely, whether as public display or in solitary sessions.

♥ prettied up businesses, prettied up uniforms, prettied up pets, and prettied up misfortunes

♥ the dreams and desires of or in poetry books, magazines, early morning dance floors, brothels and beauty parlours.

♥ those who feel, are seen as, or struggle to be, pretty in pink, in black or in the nude.

♥ formulas, catalogues or spells describing how particular kinds of prettiness may be achieved, how something, somewhere or someone may become trim, tasteful, dainty and darling.


Martin Demant Frederiksen is editor-in-chief of A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE.
Contributions can be sent to DEADLINE: Jan. 31st 2015 00:00 ♥♥♥

A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE will be edited in Istanbul, Turkey during the second week of February, 2015.

A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE will be distributed either in pdf.version or in printed format, depending on funding.