A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE – second edition of a … issue
Edited in Istanbul, Turkey, Feb. 9-14 2015
By Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katharina Stadler. Andréas Baader through spectral presence.
Launched at Apartment Project Istanbul on Feb. 14, 2015.
Printed at Isık Ozalit Istanbul.


Contributions by:
Nina Ber, Tamara Bokuchava, Data Chigholashvili, Friedel Fink, Gvantsa Jishkhariani, Kjetil Kristensen, Sandor Sebra Lindström, Nino Lomadze, Katharina Stadler together with Korhan Erel, Dominic Stevenson, Christian Vium

We would like to thank all contributors for their time and efforts before and during the editing process; Ahmet Nazım Akgül for generously hosting a full-blown invasion of his apartment; Giorgi Rodionov, Julie Upmeyer and Onur Gökmen for commenting on contents and setup; and Salih Yıldız for his assistance during printing.
This issue was financed through Crowdfunding.

80 numbered copies of A PRETTY PRETTY ISSUE can be purchased online (a_issue@yahoo.com) and in selected bookstores for 4 €.
a … issue is a non profit zine. All income enables the production of the next issue.