call for contributions: A CONSCIOUS ISSUE


the fourth edition of a … issue delves into consciousness and all its alter, sub and mirror egos.
it calls for the truth.
it derives from lived nightmares, morning coffee and cigarettes.
it claims all colors and no color just the same.
it urges to be spoken of and be held in silence.
it is struggled with in text. in film. in daydreams and while sex.
it names the i in ideology.
it bears children, vampires,… all extraterrestrials.
it grants discounts on all scales.
it stands against the state.
it moves as an octopus along a crowd of octopods.
it roars due to and despite of day and night.
it calls for the truth.

a … issue seeks conscious contributions.

notes to contributors:
[for visuals] a conscious issue will be printed in 12.5 cm x 13.5 cm format.
[for text] contributions should not exceed 3.000 words [no footnotes – if not possible without citation, references need to go in the text as (author. title. year. page number.) – and non-academic titles].

Katharina Stadler is editor-in-chief of A CONSCIOUS ISSUE.

Contributions can be sent to DEADLINE: December 31st 2015 00:00