about a … issue

a … issue will be printed in different formats, also paper quality will be specific to each issue according to availability on the geographic location of the issue concerned, information will go out closer to the respective print date. Contributions may consist of photos, text, drawings, graphics or mixed media.

The photos may be printed both in grayscale and in color, contributed texts may be written in any language but may have to be translated for proof reading. The general lay out will be done by the editors.

All contributors will receive one shipped issue in appreciation for their contribution to the zine, the numbered copies will be distributed internationally at zine fairs and book stores as well as online for 4 € each.

a … issue is a non profit zine. All income enables the production of the next issue.
a … issue is conceptualized and edited by Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katharina Stadler.

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